Workshops - DevOps_Series

Incident managment and response with Pagerduty

2 hours

In this workshop, you will learn how Pagerduty helps with incident managment and response, and how to imporve your teams incident managment levraging AWS integration.

AI-Powered Functional Test Automation with Micro Focus UFT One

2 hours

This workshop will show you how to use UFT One to design an AI-based functional test of a web application, run the test, and understand the details of each step executed during the test run.

Chaos Engineering with Gremlin

2 hours

In this workshop, you will get a hands-on introduction to Chaos Engineering by assuming the role of Mystical Mysfit’s newest site reliability engineer.

Modern Infrastructure as Code with Pulumi

2 hours

This workshop teaches you “Modern” Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts through a series of hands-on labs, using Pulumi.

Test Automation with Cognizant

4 hours

In this workshop, you will learn from Cognizant how to continuously test an application along different portions of the DevOps CI/CD lifecycle.

DevSecOps with Atlassian & Snyk

2 hours

In this workshop, you will learn patterns for shift-left security leveraging Atlassian Bitbucket, Bitbucket Pipelines, and Snyk.

CI/CD with CloudBees

2 hours

In this workshop we will learn some best practices around CI/CD that will allow you to rapidly deliver features that will help differentiate your business and reduce time-to-market.

Cprime Collaborating with Jira

2 hours

In this workshop, you will learn from Cprime how to use Jira for effective planning and collaboration.