Workshops - IAC

Application Modernization with CircleCI

2 hours

In this workshop you will learn why DevOps is a pattern for modernization and how to use patterns with CircleCI to release features and functionality at a faster pace.

DevSecOps with Bridgecrew

2 hours

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage infrastructure as code (IaC) and DevSecOps to automate your cloud security efforts. If you’re interested in making cloud security more efficient, proactive, and accessible to developers, this workshop is for you!

Build a modern architecture with GitLab, Hashicorp and Gremlin

4 hours

In this workshop we will work with GitLab, Hashicorp and Gremlin to show how to detect single points of failure within a gitflow deployment.

Modern Infrastructure as Code with Pulumi

2 hours

This workshop teaches you “Modern” Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts through a series of hands-on labs, using Pulumi.