Workshops - DevSecOps

Securing AWS Infrastructure with Trend Micro

1.5 hours

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage infrastructure as code (IaC) and Security to automate your cloud security efforts. If you’re interested in making cloud security more efficient, automated, proactive, and accessible to developers, cloud architects, DevOps engineers this workshop is for you!

Application Modernization with Aqua

2 hours

In this workshop you will learn how to secure your workloads on Amazon EKS using Aqua’s comprehensive DevSecOps platform and tooling

Application Modernization with CircleCI

2 hours

In this workshop you will learn why DevOps is a pattern for modernization and how to use patterns with CircleCI to release features and functionality at a faster pace.

Application Modernization with AWS, Snyk and Docker

3 hours

In this workshop you will learn how to scan containerized applications on Amazon EKS using the Docker CLI tool developed in partnership with Snyk and Docker. We will learn about Open Source vulnerabilities introduced by your Container Base Image and your application dependencies.