Workshops - Cloudwatch

Application Modernization with Cisco Appdynamics

4 hours

Learn how Appdynamics Observability can help you apply modernization strategies that keep your digital-first organization moving at speed, ensure operational optimization, avoid unnecessary risks, and maximize your innovation

Build a modern architecture with GitLab, Hashicorp and Gremlin

4 hours

In this workshop we will work with GitLab, Hashicorp and Gremlin to show how to detect single points of failure within a gitflow deployment.

One Observability Workshop

4 hours

This workshop is aimed at providing an hands-on experience for you on the wide variety of toolsets AWS offers to setup monitoring and observability on your applications.

Advanced observability with Dynatrace

2 hours

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use advanced observability to define the right migration strategy for a low-risk, smooth transition to the cloud as well using AI to automatically detect if customers are impacted or disrupted by the migration process.