Workshops - Migration

Serverless ASP.NET Framework Modernization Workshop with Stackery

2 hours

This is a workshop to demonstrate how to modernize an ASP.NET REST API service, which runs on expensive, inflexible Windows servers in the cloud, into a resilient, highly scalable serverless service. The approach utilizes the Strangler Fig Pattern to modernize the application piece-by-piece rather than rewrite the entire application all at once.

Application modernization with AWS and Docker

1.5 hours

In this hands on session, we will take a sample two tier application and use Docker Compose to power up local development on AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) and then to deploy to AWS Cloud, all with a consistent developer experience using Docker Compose CLI. During the session, we will uncover how to embed your existing services in the compose file and simulate a real world scenario by fine tuning your AWS Cloudformation templates using docker compose overlays and finally orchestrate continuous deployment.

Application Modernization with Cisco Appdynamics

4 hours

Learn how Appdynamics Observability can help you apply modernization strategies that keep your digital-first organization moving at speed, ensure operational optimization, avoid unnecessary risks, and maximize your innovation

Advanced observability with Dynatrace

2 hours

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use advanced observability to define the right migration strategy for a low-risk, smooth transition to the cloud as well using AI to automatically detect if customers are impacted or disrupted by the migration process.