Workshops - S3

Data Governance & Access Control Workshop with Immuta

2 hours

In this lab you will learn to work through a realistic scenario and learn how to use Immuta to automate data access and control by constructing policies using Immuta’s advanced policy engine.

Transforming data in S3 with Redshift & dbt

2 hours

In this workshop, you will learn how dbt, an open source transformation tool, empowers analysts to transform, test, and document their own SQL data pipelines using dataops best practices

Modernization Workshop with Dremio

2 hours

In this workshop, you will learn how Dremio, the cloud data lake service, empowers users to run live, fast, and interactive queries directly against billions of rows of data in their own data lake storage. Gain a hands-on introduction to Dremio through deployment and exploration of Dremio’s user interface and features

Trend Micro S3 Malware Scanning

1 hour

In this workshop, you will learn how to scan your objects stored in Amazon S3 buckets against malware and integrate them into your custom workflows by automating with your current resources, directly into your AWS environment.

Application Modernization with Cisco Appdynamics

4 hours

Learn how Appdynamics Observability can help you apply modernization strategies that keep your digital-first organization moving at speed, ensure operational optimization, avoid unnecessary risks, and maximize your innovation

Applied Observability for Modern Applications with Epsagon

2 hours

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to gain observability into your serverless application.