Workshops - EC2

Modernization Workshop with Dremio

2 hours

In this workshop, you will learn how Dremio, the cloud data lake service, empowers users to run live, fast, and interactive queries directly against billions of rows of data in their own data lake storage. Gain a hands-on introduction to Dremio through deployment and exploration of Dremio’s user interface and features

Scale Android tests with Genymotion

1-1.5 hours

In this workshop, you will learn how to improve your Android testing infrastructure and scale up and down your tests with Genymotion Android virtual devices

Application Modernization with Datadog

2 hours

In this workshop we are going to look at moving an application from EC2 instances to Kubernetes. Then we will transition the app from the current environment to Kubernetes. From there we will look at what is required to monitor the application to ensure it is performing well.

Cloud Automation at Scale with Quali

4 hours

Gain hands-on experience with Quali, an AWS advanced technology ISV partner, to automatically deploy and release an e-commerce application as part of your DevOps practice.